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Does Ruiyong's 'incredible' workouts at high altitude in Iten suggest anything that he is anywhere close to running a 2:18 marathon in London at the end of April?

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Thursday, 23 June 2016


Before we cease all operations on this blog with immediate effect, we thought we should have one final vain attempt at having Singaporeans and non Singaporean supporters/observers of Soh Ruiyong all over the world to take another final hard look at what, why, how, who they are supporting.

Again, no offense given, none taken as well.

1)The past 5 months have been nothing short of revealing of the true character of Soh Ruiyong and the values he holds dear.

2)This man is still young and very much immature, much like most 25 year olds IN GENERAL!

3)This man has very clearly placed more value on successes and achievements, with his most famous statement whenever anybody has disparaging things to say about him:




4) As if to explicitly suggest that your true value as a human being is overwhelmingly dependent on the number value or prestige value in your display cabinet, or how impressive a CV/resume can resemble.

5)Numbers and prestige are numbers and prestige, nothing more. These are appearances/illusions that though partly important in determining and testifying your success, aren't overwhelmingly the only factors that does so! Does this make sense?! From all our experiences and knowledge with life in general, outside of distance sport, the number value or prestige value of your achievements probably give no more than 20% credible information about your character and the type of principles/values/morals/ethics you hold dear in life! Every one of you singaporeans and non singaporeans alike knows this TRUISM like ABC at the back of all of your minds!!! Can anybody dispute that? We know that nobody can. 

6)Many of my readers have been wondering the reactions of Soh Ruiyong's parents on the sidelines, meanwhile, amidst all these soap opera-like drama unfolding in the social media sphere, what with this blog and all the seemingly disparaging comments made about their own son?! Answer: we equally wonder! BUT, if we were Soh Ruiyong's parents, this is what has been suggested to be done by a couple well-meaning fans and supporters of SRY: TIE HIM UP ON THE HIGHEST TREE AVAILABLE AND WHIP HIM WITH THE TIGHTEST WHIP AROUND UNTIL HE COMES TO HIS SENSES, OR OUT OF HIS DISTANCE DELUSION!

7)If there is anybody given to boasting, let him boast the TRUTH! That is the only requirement! This is of course largely dependent on whether one knows the TRUTH in the first place! Don't go around social media telling people to 'dream big', or 'impossible is nothing'(Adidas slogan), because these are low-minded and unedifying phrases with no sustainable future or posterity! Instead we would like to hear people 'dreaming big ONLY to the extent that he/she is able to fulfill moral and ethical responsibilities as a respectable, much less educated, citizen of the world!' This is not even mentioning about familial responsibilities to your spouses/kids or kin in general!

8)Of all ethics/morals/principles/values we believe is most important, the greatest of them all is LOVE, followed by HUMILITY. These 2 virtues are like husband and wife, they come together, EVERY SINGLE TIME! Soh Ruiyong says he loves his art---distance running, he is passionate for attaining the best versions of himself in distance, we are almost swooned over by such LOVE, until we discovered recently he could simultaneously boast with reasonable abandonment his achievements and training in distance sport, and how he deserves to be crowned, by virtue of himself, the wildcard to Rio!(Arrogance defined) But HUMILITY is the deference to others, of believing and wanting to believe that others can have value equally important, if not more so, than you and your abilities/talents/skills! Soh Ruiyong has therefore not love because he has not humility. His so called 'love' is only true as far as he has deceived himself! Then, the way Soh Ruiyong treated me and my team was probably nothing short of the likes of those ones belonging to dictators of political history past. He constantly implicated us as brainless and retarded, calling our names a joke and disrespecting our very humanities, hoping to silence all of us through scare tactics, thinking we would give in to such triviality?!  He also repeatedly name-shamed and blamed a mysterious dude, whom we have no choice but to call his 'boyfriend' because of his bizarre fixation with him, and whom till today we have absolutely no idea. We at the blog would like to believe that this 'boyfriend' of his must have been earlier to the task than us, of getting him to drop his Rio olympic bid and change his morally and ethically questionable sports and personal conduct. For that, this 'boyfriend' deserves an award for his courage and genius. We are bummed that we weren't the pioneers of the notion that Soh Ruiyong has no use being at the olympics! By all means, we defer to him! If this 'boyfriend' can reach out to us and tell us who you are, we would be more than honored. Your identity will be protected, we assure you.....

9)Finally a word of thanks to a total of 5 full-time whistleblowers and 2 part-time ones for all your input into the blog. Though, I ultimately help render structure and form to the arguments and analyses in all the 16 blogposts, you guys and girls are the ones who helped made all these possible! You know who you are. A big thank you to all of you! :)


We officially will cease the blog and will not be supplying it ever again, unless requested specifically to do so by you guys, and on a topic we believe to be worth studying and debating. As for Soh Ruiyong, we wish him all the best in his future endeavors, but our social media relationship with him has ended. He doesn't need any more advising. We have said everything we needed to say and it is now up to him to choose which path he wants to go down.


P.S The blog will always remain and anybody and everybody can return to this sea of critical thought whenever they feel like doing so. It will just cease operations, not closed or taken down :)

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

A new beginning or beginning of the end?

Ruiyong ends Rio bid(article from redsports)

Chanced upon this piece of news while having breakfast, and we couldn't have been happier for Soh Ruiyong for deciding to renounce his Rio olympic bid! This is a new beginning. At this blog, we totally believe so. Really for once, we have absolutely nothing disparaging to comment, criticize or analyze, because for the first time in 5 months since we started this blog, Ruiyong has chosen to do the right thing. Maybe he didn't do it as consciously or willfully as we would have liked, seeing that he took a good 6 months to come to equilibrium, by introspection, with the notion that he would never make the Rio olympics in any way, and instead a turn of events such as the insidious physical pain and emotional emptiness('lack of fun and joy') he felt in training had forced his hand to preemptive action. There seems to be a total lack of sincerity on his part, in believing that he absolutely with 99 percent, doesn't have what it takes in any way to make the Rio olympic games, injured or healthy. And we are not proud of that, to make it clear to everybody.

Still, an outcome is an outcome, no matter how it was brought to bear. Good for him, finally, to have to be forced, against his will/belief, to drop the 2016 Gold Coast Airport marathon and hence the bid for Rio. We will take this any time and day, seeing how great already our impoverished need of solid demonstrations of moral and ethical examples in an increasingly ethically and morally corrupt world! And such need perhaps arising from an inner calling to edify and be edified! Does that make sense to you guys? If it doesn't, it is completely fine and you may treat these as random utterances....

Before we come to a close, we just wanted to tackle a couple possible misunderstandings people might have with respect to the certain quotes in the interview that Ruiyong made:

“Over a month, he(Chris Wetstine, a popular albeit controversial physiotherapist) adjusted the structure of my foot – popping a cuboid back into place here, adjusting a toe there, and so forth. A painful process, but my left foot is finally moving a lot more like it should be.”


"All I've achieved in running so far has been on a less-than-fully-functional left foot. Perhaps this injury was a blessing in disguise - realizing and fixing this biomechanical fault can unlock the potential to even better performances in the future."

We would like to now bring the full extend of our knowledge and experience to bear one final time in 2016 on these 2 quotes of Ruiyong's, and forever leave him to his devices thereafter, and forever stop interfering with him through well-meaning feedbacks. We don't want to seem as ANTI-SRY for too much longer, in exchange for really only having been PRO-SRY the whole time! We find that an extremely poor trade-off, so to speak...

To do that, we will use an example of Paula Radcliff's. Details(including images) of which can be googled, but just off of the back of our minds, Paula had surgery of her seemingly savagely distorted big toe, by virtue of a totally grotesque and perhaps even visually offensive bunion, something nobody supposedly ordained with distance running nuance will associate with a runner as legendary and outlying as Paula, in women's sports! But that was what it was---the unsightly bunion that was to supposedly be directly related to biomechanical flaws and/or inhibitions to the running motion was also simultaneously directly related to the stuff of running performance legends! She did indeed, with this supposedly great biomechanical hindrance, went on to record the 3 fastest and clean times in women's marathoning!?! Paula had also one of the, if not the most efficient(energy conserving) running biomechanics ever, although her head-bobbing seem to suggest otherwise. Analysis done by a couple of scientists and experts around the world on this matter seem to explicitly suggest that Paula's head-bob is and has been the only exception to the rule of efficient and energy conserving distance running, because unique to the biomechanical demands of Paula, the head bob provided much needed forward propulsion and raise the ratio of energy output for the same amount of energy input. Nobody could head bob like Paula and raise their energy output ratios, because every single one of them will invariably produce resistance to the forward motion and that lowers rather than increases ratios! Does that make sense? By corollary, if there ever was a distance runner who could do the most outrageous mechanical or non mechanical oddity, and have it propel them forwards more or otherwise increase their ratios more, then that is energy efficient UNIQUELY FOR THEM! To be even clearer, let's say somebody could sing songs throughout their marathon races and have the produced sound energy contributed positively to their forward propulsion, then singing is efficient uniquely for them! But we all know this isn't the realm of the possible for us, because 1) we are not this special person who can seem to convert sound energy in the direction of his motion 2) we have tried to speak/talk during a race for a couple moments, much less sing, and found it really energy sapping or inefficient! 

But you get the point, everybody is unique, and as long as certain conditions or laws---in this case the laws of physics and/or biomechanical efficiency, are met, or beyond met, then seemingly inefficient motions are physically---biomechanically sound!

Question:What happened to Paula after invasive intervention in the form of removing/reshaping the bunion to make it look less unsightly and more conforming to the norms of normally shaped human big toes? And also supposedly make her 'more biomechanically aligned/efficient'?

Answer:She never reach the heights she once conquered! She also started running marathon and half marathon times significantly slower, assuming age effects(she wasn't that old for a marathoner at the time of surgery) are negligible and desire, commitment and motivation are most nearly the same as before the surgery.


Because distance running performances might be way much more than the sum of the changes one makes to one's biomechanics invasively! Direct proportional relationships do not necessarily exist between adjustments in this and your performance(read speed and endurance) in sport! There might even be an inverse proportional relationship! Also, there might not even be any clear causation or correlation between invasively tweaking one's biomechanics and significantly better running performances, which Soh Ruiyong is obviously looking. Sports scientists are on the fence with regards to invasive methods to 'improve biomechanical effficiency' at about the highest levels of distance sport. They tended to say " you are wonderfully made athlete already, change as much as you ethically can through the normal and natural process of training/plyometrics, and take no further action beyond that!"

Let me give an example out of the myriads in my mind, and let this be justified for the lack of better ones I can think of at the moment:

A young girl was a burnt victim with 2nd and 3rd degree facial burns. She had looked like a hideous monster in the mirror. Invasive plastic surgery would in this case cause or correlate with a higher degree of self-confidence she originally had with her original face(status quo) and cause her to be able to assimilate as easily as she was once able to do so with her colleagues at the workplace, before the burns. This girl was self-confident in her appearance and certified beautiful---by herself! Invasive surgery aims to retrieve back what was already there, and therefore fully justified!

Another young girl with pleasant looking facial features(at least from the point of view of her mum and dad), feels like a hideous monster upon comparison with Victoria's Secret Angels!! Invasive plastic surgery would almost always not necessarily cause or even correlate with a higher degree of self-confidence and/or cause her to be able to assimilate easily with her colleagues at the workplace or otherwise, because the lack of self-confidence and lack of assimilation are symptomatic of greater issues of character, values, and principles(ethics and morals) than of personal tragedy!! There probably wasn't a problem with her face/beauty, but a problem with how she thinks about her face/beauty. Invasive surgery doesn't aim to retrieve back any confidence that was already pre-existing before, it is now used in an attempt to create confidence out of nothingness(read zero!)! BUT HOW CAN ANYTHING IN THE HUMAN WORLD BE CREATED/RETRIEVED OUT OF NOTHING? Does that make any sense? You create or retrieve a picture from a printer or photocopier, a picture that already existed as a saved JPEG file in your computer! You do not create or retrieve a picture out of nothing! Therefore surgery isn't justified at all! Again does that make sense? I hope it does.........

Therefore unless your feet is badly mangled in a car accident, where biomechanical surgery would obviously provide temporary or permanent relief to your walking/running motion, do not ever tamper with your natural biomechanics through surgery! Do not try to create something out of nothing, because there is nothing wrong with your natural feet. Do not try to think something is wrong about nothing!!!

Let's see how this can be applied to Soh Ruiyong:

Soh Ruiyong has ran one of the faster, if not the fastest times in a couple of distance events in the history of Singaporean distance performances, with supposedly 'poorer' biomechanics than all other Singaporean distance legends past! Or is that really the case?! Might this view be more symptomatic of a lack of faith/belief in the very mechanical body that has brought him to such great heights, and could it be resolved with simply just waiting out the time by resting for a couple of months for his plantar injuries to heal, as it almost always does with time? And that there was no real need to get any physiotherapist to 'pop cuboids' and 'adjust toes' over a month?! Does his lack of patience with achieving success in the form of qualifying for an olympics cause him to seek help he doesn't really need, and could be perhaps counter-intuitive for possibly forever changing biomechanical motor patterns and movements that he has grown up with as a boy and represented him with so much distance success? Would he suffer the same fate as Paula Radcliff, who also upon physio recommendation had went for invasive adjustment(surgery) on her bunion in the hope that she becomes more biomechanically aligned and produce more motion in the forward direction of her running?

Our answers to all these seemingly profound questions---that he and his team at Blackdot and TRE perhaps in their ignorance probably have never considered in great depth, are an EMPHATIC YES! For the short-termed satisfaction or pleasure of continued distance training and going to the Rio olympics by wildcard selection, Soh Ruiyong might have inevitably exchanged out his long term running benefits or future that can simply be collected effortlessly by simply waiting out the weeks and months, with zero run training, for his plantar to heal completely and then start undertaking foundational traininng slowly but surely?!! This is what appears to be the case, and we have analyzed for all of us this conclusion. We are terrified of the consequences of his supposedly newfound biomechanical technique, because we have no idea what future it holds, and we don't want to know because it is terrifying to suggest to ourselves the end of his career.

Moreover, and for the uninitiated, remember that distance running performances are normally more than simply the mathematical sum or changes to your biomechanics. This mean 1) there are other so much more important factors affecting your distance running performances than biomechanical efficiency, like perhaps fuel efficiency if you are a marathoner 2) Changing your biomechanics invasively, rather than through natural drills and training, for supposedly a 'better' performance will almost always introduce EVEN MORE BIOMECHANICAL PROBLEMS/INEFFICIENCIES!

Let me explain point 2 using Paula's example:

One would normally and logically think that straightening out the big toe and removing/reshaping/repairing the bunion would result in better(read more efficient energy transfer) pronation of the feet with regards to the weight and size of Paula's physical body, which would in turn result in more optimal stride length and turnover again with regards to Paula's unique physical body. Simple equation: More geometrically advantageous shaped big toe would lead to more straight line forward propulsion and higher efficiencies. Proponents of this equation, including SRY himself, do not take into account that changing the geometry of your bones or feet only changes the physical structure, rather than the nerve impulses and its electrical wiring around your feet! Changing the former without changing the latter(which sadly cannot be changed much enough to be noteworthy in distance running performances beyond your former childhood years) will only confuse the body's motor nerve impulses even more and introduce more biomechanical errors, or at the very least the errors that were already originally present remain present despite the surgical changes or otherwise, and despite there being no more structural pain as well. I repeat----biomechanical errors can still exist as per normal despite the removal of the pain through surgical/physio correction---and this is apparently due to motor nerve impulse confusion! Because part or in fact all of what controls biomechanical movements and patterns are motor nerve impulses.

Proponents of this equation also do not understand that in changing the physical structure of the feet of an adult, nerve impulses would have to adapt to this new change in a way they can never do previously like in the former childhood years where the bulk of the development of a child's motor-neuron movement patterns and behaviors take place. This means, for an adult who had undergone invasive changes to the physical structure of their feet, nerve impulse adaptations will take place in such a way that running would never feel the same again. The same feet will ironically not feel the same familiarity of power and strength that was best developed in childhood NATURALLY WITH THE NATURAL FEET STRUCTURE! At worst, it is running with feet that isn't yours, because your electrical nerve wirings could never be completely initiated/compatible with the new physical structure and therefore new way of propelling yourself forward!

Far from 'unlocking his potential', in the words of SRY, we are sad to say that we overwhelmingly believe otherwise, and have justified our arguments as best as we could above :(

We apologize that the tenor of this post had gotten more and more depressive or apocalyptic as it went on, and the new beginning we had prematurely envisioned for SRY as a result of his 'good' decision to end his Rio bid might be concurrently and ironically, after analysis, the Sign of the End.

We want to tell Soh Ruiyong one thing explicitly: Your 'less than fully functional' is perfect in its imperfect!!! Get that! All you needed to do was rest a couple months of no running, like Mok did when he had his turn of plantar, and everything would have been fine, your biomechanics will have continued to serve you well for many more marathons. But you chose not to.......

In our next post, we will have a post-blog party and give out credits to all our whistleblowers, as well as say goodbye to our main character Soh Ruiyong after all of 5 months.

Stay tuned!

Monday, 13 June 2016

Are we really psychos? Or is somebody else a dictator? Let's find out........

In this post, I will personally pen a written reply to a facebook reply by Soh Ruiyong on my facebook page to British running stalwarts, Jon, Ben and Stuart, on the April 11th. Excerpt of the message is reproduced below so that my readers may follow the points I subsequently bring forth.

"Soh Rui Yong Ben PickfordStu Haynes Jon Cheal, I urge you to waste no more time on anyone named Joe KS, or "MG"... They are all the same person. He has created multiple accounts (there are more... easy to spot - dodgy profile pictures and info) to make it sound like he has supporters. 

Once upon a time, this 11min 3000m steeplechaser was my teammate in Hwa Chong Institution. He used to believe he could make the 2005 SEA games. He didn't, what happened along the way I don't know, but eventually he went full psycho in shooting down all the distance runners who happen to stand out in Singapore.

Please go on with your lives, and let him continue typing this crap from his mum's basement.

As for guys like "R", you can continue slagging off and setting limits on other runners all you want. It says a lot more about your own bitter/jealous character than it does about them. And it's embarassing that some of our own singaporeans like you choose to shoot down our own sportsmen's ambitions rather than support them. Last I checked, a marathon is 42.195km, not 10km or 21.1km. So 42.195km is the distance I'm training for."

" "LT"--- realistic goals and work towards them gradually? so are you saying Rui Yong all these years putting in his hardwork during his RI/RJC track/xcountry days are non-realistic? He did work hard too like any other young talents out there in SG. Let's say he started off 5 years ago then we might be able to imply he is unrealistic. But in this case? No. To me you're just here to pin him down indirectly, I'm here to speak upfront to you. The things you promised people and not delivered in the past , owes people money and not paid up. Alot of people are aware of what's going on and also chose not to talk about it. So do you wanna make it into a discussion like Joe KS do? Tell me about it.

Forgot to mention if we see F1 top runners , are not trained from scratch by you. sorry to say that , that's a fact i guess"

Dear Soh Rui Yong, I have waited for some time to allow some dust to settle before I give you a final word here in the presence of the president of SA Mr Tang, Head of Long distance Ghana Segaran, your mentor James Wong Tuck Yim, and reputable coaches Joe Goh and Bay Hansen. I apologize to you guys for my long overdue reply. My apologies also to the 3 estimated British gentlemen Ben Pickford, Jon Cheal and Stuart Haynes, for the cryptic and unseemly behavior of my fellow countryman Soh Rui Yong who had tagged you people looking to get a reply in one of my facebook posts. My silence on this matter has officially ended, and on behalf of his childish and obnoxious misdemeanors on social media and/or in real-life, I sincerely apologize.

Ruiyong, I hope you do not get yourself into serious trouble shooting down what is innocent bystanders like this chap you are talking about here, just because he happened to be one of your critics as well. NOBODY IS HIM EXCEPT HIM, please stop all your tactical name-shaming and superficial blame-game, because we know you are using these as a tablecloth to hide every of your moral, ethical and professional culpabilities--faults and weaknesses, so as to also conveniently dissuade anyone else in the future in Singapore from discussing and/or exposing serious issues of principle in your overall personal and sports conduct.

If this chap you speak of---"MG", means so much to you that you have to honor him time and again everywhere on facebook, he probably must have been kind enough to also point out all that is wrong with your personal/social-media grooming and the overall conduct of your sports career, otherwise why would you be so ever compelled to unconsciously hand him dignity as such?!!

One final time my dear friend, in case it didn’t register in your mind---->>Please do not allow your weird and sickly preoccupation with this chap of yours distract from the issues at hand that I have presented in all my blogposts---namely, your very unrealistic distance targets, your slow pbs at the 5k, 10k and HM compared to what is required to run 2:18:xx, your obnoxious and egotistical bragging and subsequently justifying these things as excusable as long as you seem to be doing the country proud?! Time and again, we are shocked and incoherent at how basic humility and teachability can so easily elude such a finely educated lad like yourself?! Ask any of the reasonable and knowledgeable officials and coaches around Singapore yourself, and even Ben, Jon and Stuart(assuming they can remain impartial!), and see if more than a couple have rave reviews about your overall conduct in terms of basic professional ethics and morals in the past 6-9 months.

Why do you make it seem like I and my team are in need of supporters, or in need of public recognition as perhaps those at a TV awards ceremony? Our lives and identities are big and strong enough to have no need of such support in morale. FYI-----some of us are flying corporate/military executives, humble and highly experienced specialist distance coaches, and also important stewards of young lives, and combined with the persistence, rigor and passion of our written analysis and arguments, don’t you think we serve a higher purpose or calling than simply trying to boost local morale figures, or worst, try to seem to oppress everybody into buying and possessing only our views about you and your career. But that is ironically what you are trying to achieve with all your tactical name-shame and dishonor. You try so hard to render invalid every of those people who dares to criticize or stand up to your views and actions, but not knowing that in doing so you might have implicitly or explicitly rendered yourself one, because a real solid professional athlete with solid ethics and morals will let their legs do the talking, every single time.

At the very least, learn to respect people's name, and not call it a joke(s), and learn to respect people's decision(in this case mine) not to reveal more details about myself and my team in the sense that we are whistleblowers trying to achieve the full range of good effects with our knowledge and experience. We speak, and have always spoken with the conviction of faith in all the knowledge and experience that we have.

As a scholar, the very least you can do, and we are suggesting as well, is to respect the views, ideas, and opinions of both your critics and your supporters. Welcome them with open arms. Try not to give yourself to paranoia. See the benevolence in others, more than you will tend to see only the malevolence! This one is hard to do, but trust me, it is matter of how much you really want it! Just as you want so much to run 2:18:xx, why can’t you apply yourself similarly and want as much, if not more, to see the benevolence in and of others? Do you think the people whom you perhaps try to despise and invalidate, like "MG", "R" and "LT", are so devoid of sense(psychotic and/or neurotic) and of reason(presposterous) as to render a part of themselves to see that you do not have a premature or less than fulfilling end to your distance career?  Do you honestly think that way Soh Ruiyong? We are not either, by this statement insinuating that your coach Ian Dobson doesn’t know what he is talking about when he says he thinks you have what it takes to run 2:18:xx if you turned full-time professional. We are definitely able to critically and objectively appraise his view with statistical and analytical methods from science and math and reserve a judgement for the time being, because we know full well in the reliability of rigorously assessed and supported trends and models in distance running achievement and performance. Even if distance sport is part art and part science, the part art is still quantifiable, and therefore statistically and scientifically liable! Does that make any sense at all?

So please, as a scholar, stop behaving in a rogue and uncultivated manner online. Young starlets are looking around looking for a model to mimic, and the last thing we need is for such behaviors---ethics and morals to go on air. We live in a democratic society, we thrive in a diversity of views and constant dialogue, of which I have painstakingly tried to set up here the whole time, but always got summarily dismissed as a psycho by one of a dictator like you. Instead of denigrating these critics of yours in the manner in which you are doing so, I hereby would like to enliven the courage, dare-devil, and brutal transparency of these 3 vilified lads: "MG", "R", "LT", as well a few more well-meaning whistleblowers whose identities I will so far find no need to spare a mention.

Yours sincerely

*Some names are now initialed to protect the identities of some whistleblowers